Kyle & Kierston Kirschbaum

Kyle_Kierston Kirschbaum Famly“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist or to accept the responsibility for changing them.” –Denis Waitley

Make It Happen

Kierston and Kyle met at church in Las Vegas and no, that is not the name of a club. Both Kierston and Kyle were drawn to the city by career opportunities. As luck would have it, they purchased homes just down the street from one another. Kierston described first meeting Kyle as an ‘out of body experience.’ Kierston said, “It always felt so right, even while we were still getting to know one another.” Within two months, they knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. A few months later, they were married.

Prior to meeting in Las Vegas, Kyle attended Brigham Young University where he received his undergraduate degree in Business Management. Unbeknownst to him, Kierston was attending school in San Diego where she also received a degree in Business Management. In Las Vegas, Kyle owned and operated an Internet marketing business while Kierston was involved in real estate. Kyle and Kierston’s business backgrounds have proved to be beneficial in building their dōTERRA business.

During the first few years of their marriage, the Kirschbaums experienced financial success. They had just moved out of their starter home, into something larger, when they were introduced to dōTERRA. Melyna Harrison, whose husband worked with Kyle, invited Allyse Sedivy to Las Vegas to hold a class. Kierston was intrigued and purchased a few oils. However, she didn’t view dōTERRA as anything more than a new hobby.

Kierston used the oils here and there, but didn’t fully embrace them. She didn’t feel comfortable experimenting on her children with essential oils. This perspective changed when she found herself in the doctor’s office for a second time within just a few weeks. Her young boys’ earaches would not go away. The doctor recommended they try a different antibiotic and Kierston realized that her own family physician was experimenting with her children’s health. Kierston decided she would much rather experiment with natural solutions than synthetic.

Life seemed consistent and dependable for the Kirschbaums. They never expected that one day everything would shift dramatically, but it did. Kyle’s business abruptly went south. This left Kyle and Kierston feeling stranded. On another trip to Las Vegas, Allyse sought out Kierston. She hoped to offer advice. Kierston said, “She taught me that even though I was six months pregnant, broke, and depressed, I had an opportunity to help my family. She turned my situation around and completely motivated a very pregnant woman to grow a business.”

That experience with Allyse, combined with dōTERRA’s 2011 Convention, and the 2012 Leadership Retreat, helped Kierston develop her vision. Kierston said, “I saw the difference between being a business owner and being a leader in dōTERRA. I wanted to be a leader.” Once she gained that vision, there was no turning back.

Kierston now realizes that dōTERRA Diamonds are called ‘Diamond’ for a reason. An ordinary rock must go through high temperatures and intense pressure in order to emerge as a diamond. Just like the sparkling rock, each dōTERRA IPC has their own trials, hardships, and challenges which they must overcome to reach Diamond. Kierston can attest that those trials and challenges are what make reaching Diamond that much more beautiful.

Kyle_Kierston KirschbaumFavorite Products

DDR Prime Liquicaps “The vital oils we should be taking every day are now much more convenient and accessible.” –Kierston

On Guard “With our three young boys, we use it every single day!”  –Kierston

InTune “Kyle takes it to work with him.”  –Kierston