Jeff & Cherie Burton

Burton Family“If you treat this like a hobby, you will receive a hobby income and hobby results. If you want a business income, be committed and treat this like a business.”

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Jeff and Cherie Burton were enjoying dinner with the Goddards when Andy asked for advice. He had received a job offer that would move his family out of state. He was debating between taking it and pursuing an opportunity with dōTERRA, a young network marketing company. Jeff didn’t have to think twice. He immediately responded, “Duh! Take the job!” Looking back, Jeff and Cherie laugh at how wrong their advice was. Never in a million years would they have imagined the vehicle dōTERRA would not only provide for the Goddards, but also for their own family, to discover and embrace what it means to truly live an abundant life.

Jeff and Cherie’s dōTERRA journey began before they ever opened a bottle of dōTERRA essential oil. Although Jeff’s education was in electronic engineering, his strong entrepreneurial spirit lead him to do just about everything. Designing technical krypton lasers, manufacturing blinds, writing real estate loans, and developing land are just a few of the areas Jeff has been involved in. In each of these capacities, Jeff developed important business skills and learned the keys to success are hard work, consistency, and sacrifice.

Cherie’s expertise lies in the field of psychology. As former Mrs. Utah 2004, Cherie has years of experience in life coaching, public speaking, writing self-improvement books, and pageant coaching. It was while Cherie was serving as Mrs. Utah that family tragedy struck and her life was forever changed. Her sister, who was battling depression and on many pharmaceuticals, committed suicide. Witnessing first-hand the dangers of pharmaceuticals, Cherie dove into the world of alternative health.

When Natalie Goddard sent Cherie a bottle of dōTERRA essential oil, she instantly realized something was different. Cherie quickly became a product of the product. She embraced the Loyalty Rewards Program and watched as her three children became familiar with using the oils. Even Jeff noticed he no longer came down with a cold when the weather changed.

After two years of receiving their Loyalty Rewards Order, Jeff felt that they had enough essential oils to last. Hethought it would be best to stop placing their monthly order. Cherie reluctantly agreed and emailed Tahna Lee to inform her of their decision. Tahna very graciously encouraged them to stay on LRP until convention, just a few short months away.

Cherie attended convention with her sister, Robin Jones and Tahna. During convention an unquenchable passion and desire blossomed in both Cherie and Robin. Together they committed to reach the rank of Diamond within a year. With the support of each other, they were both able to reach their goal!

Jeff and Cherie Burton didn’t attempt to ‘reinvent the wheel,’ instead they followed the example of powerful leaders. They exemplified hard work, sacrifice, and consistency to reach their goal. Jeff and Cherie were in an
opportune position to watch, learn, and be inspired by the Goddard’s evolution. In turn, the Burton’s evolution has inspired many developing dōTERRA leaders. Cherie explains, “dōTERRA has become a perpetuating cycle of helping others step into the abundant life and truly flourish.”

Jeff & Cherie BurtonFavorite Products

Breathe “My biggest essential oil staple.” –Jeff

Sandalwood “I just love the smell of it.” –Cherie