Sandy & Boyd Truman

TrumanKidsFrom “NO” To A Resounding “Yes!”

With eight children, Boyd and Sandy Truman know what it means to care for and nurture a family. In fact, it is concern for family that led them to the oils. When their first daughter was born, she suffered from congestion. Boyd had been introduced to essential oils by his mom, so he asked Sandy to consider using the oils to help ease their daughter’s congestion. “I couldn’t wrap my brain around essential oils, but Boyd asked me to give the oils a try because we needed a good night’s rest,” said Sandy. They rubbed a drop of eucalyptus on their infant’s chest, and it worked. “I was so happy to learn how easy it is to get benefits from the oil!” commented Sandy.

A year-and-a-half later, their son was diagnosed with chronic asthma. The Trumans were told that their son would never play sports and would need to use medication his entire life. Boyd and Sandy purchased all the medications and used them faithfully, but his health didn’t improve. Remembering their earlier success they turned to essential oils. They mixed cinnamon and lemon essential oils with a carrier oil for their son to take internally. His symptoms disappeared. “This was our big AHA moment. I felt so empowered as a mom knowing that I could help my son get better,” said Sandy. “This son is now fifteen years old, a linebacker on the football team, and a member of the Varsity tennis team!”

With their new understanding of the power of essential oils, Boyd began traveling and learning all that he could about essential oils. He quit his job in casino management, where he was one of the youngest executives on the Las Vegas Strip, and went to massage school to learn more about the healing arts. At this time, Sandy was busy with a career in cosmetology and was beginning to experience carpal tunnel syndrome from using her hands all day. She considered surgery, but instead turned to the oils. This time they used lemongrass, cypress, and marjoram, which eased her symptoms and allowed her to continue to work and care for her family. “With these experiences, we decided to learn as much as we could about the oils to improve the health of our family,” explained Boyd.

However, as they used another company’s oils, they noticed that the oils only worked 1/3 of the time. Two years ago, Boyd’s sister Gina Truman, asked them to try dōTERRA’s oils. “I was very reluctant,” explained Sandy. “I said ‘no’ and didn’t attend the meeting she was holding in her home.” But with Gina’s persistence, Sandy attended a meeting where dōTERRA oils were being passed around. “I couldn’t believe the difference. I had a bad headache, so I decided to try dōTERRA’s peppermint oil on my forehead. The aroma was amazing, and my headache was gone! That was the first time that peppermint had taken away my headache,” explained


The Trumans were convinced of the quality of these oils and were eager to be a part of dōTERRA. “We attended as many dōTERRA meetings as we could, and over the next six months we learned more about essential oils than we had in the previous fourteen years with the other company,” expressed Sandy.

And people noticed. “As soon as we started using doTERRA oils, people started asking why our kids never got sick. We were being approached by so many people that Sandy and I decided to start teaching Family Physician classes so that others would know what we were doing. Our neighbors were watching us, and they wanted to know how to keep their families healthy too,” stated Boyd.

The act of sharing knowledge about self-care inspired the Trumans to open up a wellness center. The Life Essentials Wellness Center, located in St. George, Utah, is dedicated to helping people understand how to balance life with the help of the oils. A chiropractor, Dr. LeRoy DeWitt, is on site, as well as a massage therapist. Boyd and Sandy teach several classes at the center on the Family Physician Kit®, health, and nutrition. “We love what we do with dōTERRA,” expressed Boyd. “We teach people how to improve their health, fitness, and nutrition. We give people possibilities, and help them understand that the oils aren’t just a band-aid—they are preventative too, and that is thebest way to live.”

BoydTrumanBusiness Q & A:

Q: What has been your key to success?

A: Boyd: Our upline, Gina Truman, has been our business partner every step of the way. With her help and our desire to continually teach and continually enroll, we set goals and achieve them.

Sandy: We didn’t originally get into this as a business—we just love the oils and love sharing with others. Our goal is to never let anyone on our team get to the point where they don’t know what to do with the oils. We create an urgency with the oils by helping people understand that the oils can be incorporated every day in every part of your life.

Q: How has your dōTERRA business benefited your lives?

A: Boyd: This business finally puts together all of the learning, schooling and certifications about the human body and its functions that I have earned, my love of travel, and the financial freedom to enjoy time with my family.

Sandy: Boyd and I are committed to our family, and this business allows him to spend time with our family. And being a part of dōTERRA has greatly blessed our children’s lives as they are “products of the product”, which means they first turn to natural methods of wellness with the oils, rather than first turning to prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs. Recently my son was injured in a game. He was encouraged by his coach to take Motrin, but my son said, “No, put helichrysum on it and I will be fine.”

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: Boyd: Our short and long-term goal is to continue to educate people about essential oils, health, and nutrition. As we do this, we will continue to enroll people both locally and internationally. We want to consistently move forward.

Sandy: To maintain our commitment to our family and our health. And to be able to have my husband attend all of our children’s activities and events!

Q: What are your favorite products and why?

A: Boyd: Frankincense (I have had powerful experiences with individuals who have benefitted tremendously from this), AromaTouch and birch (both are great for easing discomfort and for getting blood flowing properly).

Sandy: Lifelong Vitality Pack (I have more energy and sleep better—my body truly functions better), On Guard® and lemon (I use both internally and externally on my children to keep them well, and I also clean my home with both products).