Boyd & Sandy Truman

Truman Family“Our emphasis has always been making our bodies green, so to speak. Getting back to more of a natural approach to health and nutrition, and this is how you can do it.”

Boyd and Sandy Truman are two very genuine people. Their goal is simply to help others. They started out in dōTERRA as product users. However, as they started to use the oils daily, they couldn’t stop teaching everyone they knew about them. They weren’t professional network marketers, but their enthusiasm about the products was irresistible. Soon they had all their friends and family hooked. At that point they looked at the compensation plan like a game—just filling in numbers as they needed. They embraced the concept of TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves Miracles, and did what it took to make their leaders successful.

Join us as we catch a glimpse into their story of success.

What was the key strategy that helped you achieve Presidential Diamond?

The strategy was to always stay one leg ahead of the rank that we were working on at that moment. For example, when we were working toward Diamond, we had already enrolled our 5th leg that would eventually help us earn Blue Diamond. We just felt like we never wanted to earn a certain rank, and then start from scratch with a brand new leg to try for the next rank advancement.

What are the benefits of working as a couple towards a common goal like Presidential Diamond?

We had to decide together that we were both completely committed. Although Sandy is still a full-time mom and I do most of the traveling and training, she is still very much involved. She is home base, not just for us and our children, but a home base for answering calls, giving parties, helping someone out with a sick child, making and handing out samples, and the list could go on and on. We each fulfill different, but necessary roles. When we do get to travel or teach together, it’s just cream on top.

For those just starting out, what topic do you feel is the most successful for a home event?        

All around the world there has been a growing emphasis on going green—with our homes, our cars, our places of work, etc. Our emphasis has always been making our bodies green, so to speak. Getting back to more of a natural approach to health and nutrition, and this is how you can do it. At the end of your event it’s not about which kit they decide to buy, it’s about giving them choices. The first choice they need to make is to implement a change that will bring safe, natural, healing products to their homes.

What is the best way to invite and encourage people to attend?

We have always taught our team that the feeling they should get across is, “this is who I am, and is what I do, and it is not going away.” Without making people feel bad, continue to invite them until they come.

What little things have made the biggest differences in your team?

Since we are very product focused, we feel that the more our team understands about health, nutrition, and how the oils work, the less they’ll be stumped by some of the questions they get asked. The greater their understanding, the more they can help people, the more people they help get well, the better their business will grow. Being a product of the product usually speaks for itself. We have been asked time and time again, ‘why are your kids so healthy, what do you do for your skin’, or ‘why didn’t your family get the bug that is circulating throughout the neighborhood?’ When this happens, it is a perfect lead in to dōTERRA. Now it becomes a teaching moment. We have found that this can happen on a daily basis.

What do you know now that you wish you would’ve known at the beginning?

We know now that we should have been bolder the first few years in dōTERRA. We held back because we were concerned about the whole network marketing idea and how people might view us. When we realized that we were in the business of helping educate people, giving people choices, and simply caring about people, our business went to the next level. We also wish we would have shared a greater vision with many more people. We had a vision of where we were going, but it took us a few years to translate that vision to others.

Boyd & Sandy TrumanFavorite Products

Terrazyme “All of us need more enzymes and amino acids for our bodies to preform better.” –Boyd
Immortelle “It’s all of my favorite oils in one bottle.” –Boyd

Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint “These three take care of anything and everything.” –Sandy
LifeLong Vitality “I can’t survive without it. I’d be a stressed out mom, on depression medication, with no energy.” –Sandy