Allyse & Patrick Sedivy, Presidential Diamonds

Patrick and Allyse Sedivy set themselves apart as model business builders when they went from consultant to diamond in a short sixty-two days.

That momentum continues as they mentor their leaders to become independent and dynamic.

The Sedivy’s active interest in the success of others has allowed them to achieve the rank of Presidential Diamond. Join us we catch a glimpse into what took them from small home events to global success.

What were the key strategies that helped you achieve Presidential Diamond?
First, we focused on building our key leaders. We tried to help our top leaders reach their goals and become increasingly independent. We knew that if our top leaders were meeting their goals then we would certainly meet ours.

Second, we focused on duplication. We have found that the key is simplicity. We teach simple concepts, which everyone can implement, to aid them in building their business successfully.

The third strategy, which has proven to be very important, is training. We have implemented daily mentor calls that hold members of our team accountable and weekly webinars. Proper, sustainable training has had a great impact on our business.

Finally, the key to reaching Presidential Diamond was our personal mentoring program. This program helps leaders stay accountable for their daily progress. It also gives us additional opportunities to coach and train.

What are the benefits of working as a couple towards a common goal like Presidential Diamond?

Allyse and I have very much enjoyed working together in dōTERRA. We have started a number of businesses together, and in fact, have worked together since we were married. One of the great things about working together is that we understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses. There are challenges when working as a couple, but we have learned to communicate effectively. We get more done together.

What advice would you give business builders seeking to achieve the rank of Presidential Diamond?

Anyone seeking to achieve the rank of Presidential Diamond should understand that it is a lot of work. However, as you work consistently and strive to improve, you can make it. This is a great business because it forces you to constantly learn and become better. So, set your goals, create a plan, and get to work.

What does reaching Presidential Diamond mean to you?

I know that this will sound silly but my first thought upon reaching Presidential Diamond was, “now that we have the start up phase of our business complete, we can go out there and build.”

For those just starting out, what topic do you feel is the most successful for a home event?

Over the past year we have really honed in on a very specific message. Many people are disappointed with our current healthcare system. They are looking for alternatives that are less expensive and safe. They are demanding natural products without side effects. We have found that when we present on “Reinventing Healthcare at Home”, that 75% of attendees enroll with a Family Physician Kit.

What is the best way to invite and encourage people to attend?

Since we joined dōTERRA, our biggest challenge has been getting people to attend events. We have tried many different tactics to increase attendance, and we have found that people are more likely to attend when you offer free product.  We have created a system, around a voucher for free product, that acts like an invitation. You may think that this is an expensive incentive, but we have found that it is more cost-effective than handing out samples.

How do you then build from that home event?

There are two things that are key when building from a home event. First, you need to make sure that as part of your presentation you discuss the business. If you don’t talk about the business, people won’t know about it. There is a very simple way to introduce the business: follow up your presentation with an invitation for them to share the oils. You can tell them that all of us know someone who could benefit from essential oils. Second, ask guests to host similar events in their home. When we do this we offer an incentive or gift in exchange for hosting an event. It can be anything and we usually attach a goal.

Any other advice you would give to IPCs on holding their own events?

The greatest key to home events is to do them consistently. The most successful people in dōTERRA hold events regularly. You can’t expect to do one or two events and become Presidential Diamond. Remember that everything duplicates, if you hold events sporadically, then so will your leaders. If you hold events consistently, so will your leaders.